Writing Various Forms of Texts

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Various forms of fictional or factual texts include recount, which might be a story or a report that could be true. The examples of such recounts are newspaper stories or any other stories about people or incidents that happened to them. The procedural text (instructions) the writer tells the reader the process how to do something. (Writing step-by-step instructions either to make a recipe or to operate a machine) Narrative text is also a recount but it consists of numerous events and consists of a problem, which should be solved by the characters in the story (fairy tale). Report is another type of text having information about a specific topic and it can either be a school assignment or even a news report.
Other Forms of Texts 

There are other forms of texts like explanation text (explains a series of steps about how and why things happen etc (a flow chart or a picture)), argument text (writer persuades the reader to agree with him providing convincing reasons: articles on various topic), electronic text (e-mail, blogs, broadcasts or websites) and functional texts (memos, pamphlets, flyers, invitations, agendas etc). Writing various forms of texts offer the learners the opportunity to conform to various style or structures, as they need. These writing activities would also make the learners become aware of applying what they have learned in writing with regard to structure, plot, language, imagery, rhetoric and style of writing.

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