Writing Techniques

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Writing techniques expresses the ideas of the writer. The writer first researches topics and limits the topics. If soccer is the topic (broad topic), it can be limited to how soccer has influenced my life, which is narrow. While compiling ideas, the writer could organize the information in charts, webbing tables, diagrams etc.
Introduction of Writing Topic  

When the writing process starts, the writer begins by introducing the topic to the reader. The introduction is an entrance that the writer provides for the reader to get into the topic. The main point of the writing is called thesis and the last part of the introduction consists of the thesis. The thesis tells the reader what stand the writer has taken regarding an issue or any topic. It is a strong statement in a complete sentence. The other paragraphs start with a topic sentence in each to focus the attention of the reader to the topic. Providing elaborating explanations and examples will help the reader understand what the writer intends to say. Paragraph breaks show the different ideas separately and transitional phrases lead the reader smoothly from one idea to the next. Just as the introduction provides a gateway for the reader, the conclusion serves as an ending to the discussion. The writer summarizes the main ideas and states his thesis. It provides the reader an opportunity to look back on what has been said until then. Writing technique also involves knowing the audience and using appropriate tone and correct usage of literary devices. The whole work should show coherence, clarity in expression and concise language.

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