Writing Poetry

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Poetry is the combination of powerful emotion and skillful and concise expression mixed with rhyme and meter or even without. Poetry is not written in complete sentences but in lines which convey the emotion in complete thought patterns. To create powerful poetry, the writers employ literary devices such as alliteration, diction, imagery, metaphor, onomatopoeia, simile, stanza and symbols. There are many more such devices but not all could be even mentioned for lack of space. The form of poem is decided by the poet not the page of a paper.
Division of Poems 
Poems can be divided into stanzas and the number of lines in a stanza differs from poem to poem. Some of the poems like ballads can be set to music due to the internal and external rhythm of the verse and stanzas and the refrain, which is set at the end of each stanza. Poets use words effectively and thus infuse layers of meaning on various levels.  Poems thus created appeal to the senses and touch the readers’ fantasies at times. Above all, poems are artistic creations in powerful language conveying any type of emotion, which connects the readers with the world. Some poets use various meters to enhance the effect of auditory appeal to their poems.

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