Strategies of Writing

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The mental process that a writer uses to create writing consists of measured ways of concentrated thinking to focus on what one intends to write. This process containing several steps for any writing is called strategies. The process starts even before the actual writing occurs in thinking, taking notes, brainstorming, outlining and collecting facts. The next strategy starts with drafting in which the writer plans how to express the ideas. Good ideas are not the only pre-requisite of good writing but basic skills such as word order and subject-verb agreement are also crucial. Further, having a strong opening in the introduction, writing apt topic sentences for each paragraph and ending with a good summary of one’s writing are essential writing strategies. Using proper expressions to connect one idea with another will provide coherence and without that strategy there will be no good writing.
Most Common Strategies 

The most important strategy is to use the right word at the right place, which creates a good style. If writers employ rhetorical strategies, the writing will be powerful and writers usually use exemplification, description, narration, comparison and contrast, definition and cause and effect analysis. The main strategy to use after writing is revising and editing to improve what is written. It is better to keep in mind the audience in order to write accordingly. Clarity of expression, correct spelling and grammar make up the rest of the strategies that a writer should pay attention to. 

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