Produce Error Free Draft

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Errors in a draft confuse the readers and the intended meaning does not get conveyed. Errors usually undermine the authority of the writer too. Hence it is essential to have drafts free from errors. The common errors that occur in a draft could be classified into grammar and punctuation. The most common grammar error to look for is the subject-verb agreement. Not only the subject and verb must agree in number but the subject and the pronoun should also agree.

For example:

Everyone was asked to bring his or her contribution.

In this sentence, the subject everyone is singular but the verb ‘are’ is a plural verb. Therefore it should be “Everyone was asked to bring. Since ‘everyone’ is singular, the pronoun ‘their’ is wrong. Therefore, the correct sentence should be, “Everyone was asked to bring his/her contribution.

Further more, the writers should watch out for shift in tense and compound subjects while writing. However, there are ways and means of producing error free drafts. First of all if the writers use a computer, they could use the spelling and grammar checking in the system itself. In addition, the writers could read aloud to listen and recognize the mistakes if any. They could also avail of the help of their friends to go through the essay in order to find any errors that they have missed in their draft.

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