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There are many kinds of papers to write in English. For example thesis paper, research paper, journals and many more. Depending on the type of the Paper the writing is should be developed. For example in a Research paper of a given topic it is expected to gather enough reliable information and describe the topic accordingly. Data, articles used in the research paper should be recited. Having a rough draft for any paper helps to construct a good writing. For a presentable writing the content is very important. The students should use their ideas and creativity to present an impressive writing.

          Mentioned are the steps to write any writing assignment. These steps should provide an idea and guideline to present a good writing. Introduction is very crucial for any writing. The student can use relevant quotes sometimes to start the paper. The introduction of the paper discusses about the outline of the assignment. The introduction should be presented very carefully as the whole writing is constructed on its basis. Then the main body of the assignment. There can be required number of paragraphs depending on the content. The paragraphs can contain different thoughts and ideas to elaborate the paper. The paragraphs can also contain some relevant examples and some good research content. The last step is the conclusion of the paper. It’s very important to conclude meaningfully. The conclusion of the writing gives the summary of the topic. A good writing assignment shows the student’s skill in English.    

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