Middle School Debate Topics

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Debate is an argumentative discussion which is formally done on a chosen topic. The debate usually consists of two team’s one in favor of the topic and the other against the topic. The debate generally is an argument or discussion where both the teams provide their point of view with supported evidence and research. Debate is one of the useful ways to discuss different opinions on different subjects. Debate helps the students think over social and political subjects and improve their communication skills. Actively participating in debates improves English fluency and helps build inner confidence for class participation and public speaking. 

Here mentioned below are some examples of debate topics for middle school.

Take home assignments should be banned for middle school children.

Video games encouraging violence’s should not be given to children

The use of electronic gadgets in the schools premises should be avoided.

Social networking and internet is helpful or harmful for young students?

Junk food should not be provided for students in their school.

Same gender schooling is the ideal or not for the students.  

Do uniforms bring equality among students in the schools?

Should the middle school students be provided with their own lockers?

Animals should or should not be used for medical testing.

In schools homework should or shouldn't be given.

Television should or should not have parental guidance till a certain age.

The number of required classes need to increase whereas the electives should be reduced in middle school.

Sports should be mandatory for every student in the school.

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