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Generally, people like to use softer words to overcome awkward situations during interpersonal interactions.  To avoid talking about events or things that appear to be not suitable in a polite society people use euphemisms.  Euphemisms are defined as the act of substituting words that generally evoke strong emotional reaction by harmless ones.

Definition of Euphemism

Euphemism is defined as use of a socially accepted word that is both mild and harmless in the place of a word or expression that is generally considered unacceptable, strong or unpleasant.  For example, people avoid mentioning the word death and replace it with a genteel expression like passed away.  Mild words are not likely to provoke undesirable emotions that lead to stress and awkwardness between individuals or groups. A number of example of euphemism are used in everyday life.
Some more euphemism examples
·         Body Helper instead of a nurse
·         Administrative Assistant instead of a Secretary
·         Intern instead of a trainee
·         Wash room instead of a toilet

Different Kinds of Euphemisms

Soft euphemism: These are used instead of rough and literal words, and they play the role of hiding the rough nature of the words.
Physically challenged instead of lame or blind.
Best of luck for your future instead of you are fired
Taking vacation instead of unemployed

Euphemisms that are used in a cordial environment – Using numerous euphemisms are necessary when you are interacting in a polite society where rude words and gestures are forbidden.
Sanitation engineer instead of a plumber
A little heavy instead of obese.
A little tight instead of drunk.

Euphemisms that used to show disrespect – Some euphemisms are deliberately used to show disrespect without sounding rude or boorish. The sarcasm used is very subtle and sometimes passes over the head of the recipient, sometimes they are also used to lighten the atmosphere.
Fell off from the back of the truck for stolen goods
You are becoming a little thin on the top (bald)
He is always tired and emotional (drunk)

List of Common Euphemisms

1)      Passed away – died
2)      Frumpy – fat
3)      A few extra pounds – fat
4)      Over the hill – old
5)      Collateral damage – killing the innocent people during attack
6)      Couch Potato – someone who is lazy.
7)      Put to sleep – killing pets or animals by lethal injections
8)      Visually challenged – blind
9)      On the streets – homeless
10)  Economically disadvantage - poor
11)  Passed away – died
12)  Frumpy – fat
13)  A few extra pounds – fat
14)  Over the hill – old
15)  Collateral damage – killing the innocent people during attack
16)  Couch Potato – someone who is lazy.
17)  Put to sleep – killing pets or animals by lethal injections
18)  Visually challenged – blind
19)  On the streets – homeless
20)  Economically disadvantage - poor

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