Essay Writing

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Students write several types of essays which include: argumentative essay, cause and effect essay, classification essay, comparison essay, critical essay, deductive essay, definition essay, expository essay, narrative essay etc. The first step in writing an essay is the choice of a topic and type. Once the topic has been chosen, the writer should gather information by brainstorming and researching. It is important to jot down notes even before the actual writing process starts. The next step is to write an outline that would be the blue print of the essay. When the outline is ready, it is time for the writing to start. The outline usually mentions all the points to be included from the introduction till the conclusion. The introduction usually starts with a hook that grabs the attention of the reader and stating some general facts on the subject. Most significantly, the thesis or the main idea begins to take shape and the introduction ends with the thesis. The thesis is the backbone of the essay because it informs the reader about the stand that the writer has taken on a specific topic and the reasons for taking the stand. Each of the body paragraph starts with the topic sentence which are the points mentioned in the thesis. The topic sentence is supported with elaborate explanations and evidence from other sources or the author’s personal experiences.
Essay Conclusion

The essay conclusion is the last part of the essay and it summarizes the whole essay and restates the thesis so that the readers are reinforced with what they have read so far. In addition, the writers should always keep in mind the audience to whom they write and the language they should use. Each writer develops his/her own writing style which indicates the way a topic is tackled and efficient usage of vocabulary. Proof reading and editing help to make the essay more presentable and prevent the errors and slips that happen while writing. 

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