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Essay writing is very important in English. Writing an essay usually plays prominent role in almost every English class. In essay writing the student needs to first understand the given topic. It’s always recommended to have a rough draft of the essay before presenting the final essay. Research the topic before starting the essay. Uses reliable sources which provide good academic content. If any of the research or article is used in the essay do not forget to recite the source to make the content trustworthy. Analyzing the topic is very important as well. Analysis helps to add the student’s ideas and imagination into the essay. This makes the essay different of any other article and add individuality to it.

          The main step in essay writing is finding the thesis statement. The thesis statement should be relevant to the topic and very specific. The student needs to keep in mind that the essay is constructed on the basis of the thesis statement. A good essay has a well written thesis statement. The next step is to use the rough draft as an outline to the number of paragraphs required. The main points and the description of the topic is written in the following paragraphs with well supported statements. Then the conclusion of the essay. Conclusion is the summary and the wrap up for the essay. A conclusion that ends well signifies a good essay. Presenting an essay keeping all these key points in picture shows the student’s potential in writing. 

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