Concrete Nouns

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Concrete Nouns

Concrete nouns are defined as nouns that are connected with our sensory experiences, touch, sight, smell, sound and taste.  A long list of nouns that come under this category as because there a number of things which we experience through our senses, such as flowers, food, song of the birds, a full moon night, etc.  

Abstract Nouns

Abstract nouns, as the name suggests, cannot be comprehended by sight, hearing, touch, smell or taste.  They are felt through feelings or emotions, these are again numerous; some examples of abstract nouns are, adoration, aversion, fear, etc.
The table given below gives a list of concrete nouns and abstract nouns; it clearly shows the difference between two types of nouns. 
concrete nouns
You can see from the above list a teacher is a person who is visible to our eyes, while we are unable to see, touch or smell courage or loyalty.
1.       My Smart Phone has a beautiful ring tone.
2.       My teacher is very articulate and can talk on any subject.
Why do we need to know the difference between a concrete and an abstract noun?  Experts say a well written essay; blog needs to contain both types of nouns, concrete and abstract.  If we use too many abstract nouns the writing becomes difficult and incomprehensible and if we use too many concrete nouns the writing becomes dull and uninteresting.  Judicious use of both concrete and abstract nouns helps the reader to both enjoy and understand the ideas expressed.

Categories of Concrete Nouns:

Concrete Nouns are subdivided into four types:
1)      Proper Noun:  Nouns that are names of specific person and places, e.g. Jerry, or France
2)      Common Noun: Names that are given too many things and places, e.g. a city or a flower.
3)      Material Noun: Names of specific substance, e.g. iron, uranium, etc.
4)      Collective Noun:  Names given to a group of things or people, e.g. army, flock of birds, herd of cattle.

Countable and Non Countable Nouns

Countable nouns are nouns that can be counted, e.g. a flower (a single flower) and flowers, (many flowers). Countable nouns can be both singular and plural as seen from the above example.  Non countable nouns cannot be counted, e.g.  air, rice, or cream, etc.
It is not possible to give a detailed list of concrete nouns; however, the following list gives some idea of concrete nouns that are used frequently. 
Concrete Nouns List
Animals    Clothes  Buildings  Eatables Furniture
dinosaur  Evening Gown  House  Pizza  Computer  Table
squirrel  Stocking  Apartment  Salad  Queen Bed
Shark  Shirt   Museum  Roasted duck  Dressing Table
Cow  Tie  Houses of Parliament  Éclair  Easy Chairs
Elephant Tee shirt  Cottage  Fruit salad  Book case
Rat  Jeans  Mansion  Red Wine  Lamp
Hen Socks   Beach House  Biscuits  Dining chairs
Concrete nouns are used both in a general and specific way, in a singular and plural forms, and as Proper and common nouns. Often a sentence contains many types of concrete as well as abstract nouns.
                Many soldiers were given medals for their acts of bravery in the Iraq War.
                Tom saw a shark heading towards him and was paralyzed by fear.

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