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The affixes are morphemes; the basic units in the grammar that cannot be divided any more. If you divide morphemes further they become meaningless. Many words in English have a root or a base word, e.g. cook that simply means preparing food. Affixes can be attached to the root word to change its meaning and to make a new word, add morpheme “un” in front (prefix) and insert “ed” at the tail end (suffix) to make a new word un-cook-ed (uncooked).  Affixes placed in the beginning of a root word are called prefix and those placed at the end are known as a suffix.  There are plenty of affixes examples in English language where many words have a root word, with one or many prefixes and suffixes. 

AFFIXATION: Affixation is a process of adding affixes to a root word. It is important to remember to add only a correct prefix or suffix to make a right word. Check the following affixation example to learn the correct way of adding affixes.

                                    UP-TAKE     Right prefix

                                    UN-TAKE    Wrong Prefix

Affixes as literary devices play a very crucial role in English literature. They add fluency, imagery and creativity to writing and many writers use them to add more flavors to their written work.

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