Radians and Degrees

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Anglesare measured through either Radians or degrees.
What is a Radian?
The measure of the central angle subtended by an arc equal in length to the radius of a circle is called Radian.
How to convert Degrees to Radians?
Multiply the number of degrees by π(180°)
How to convert Radians to degree?
Multiply the radians by(180°)π
Example 1: What is the radian measure of 60°?
Answer: Radian measure = 60° x π(180°)
Example 2: How many radians are depicted in the figure?
2π        (b) π        (c)π2       (d) 1
Answer: b
Relationship between degree, radian and grade is
Example 2: 60° is equal to how many radians and grade?
Answer: 18060 =πR
R = 60π180 = π3
18060 = 200G
3= 200G
G = 2003
Example 3: Express 5 in terms of degrees.
5 x 180π = 108°

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