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Nervous about an Upcoming Test? Our SAT Tutors Provide Personalized Test Preparation for College Entrance Exams like the SAT and ACT.


SAT Test Prep Tutoring

SAT tutoring will break down the test prep into different categories for you to study, so it's less overwhelming. This way you can also judge which categories you struggle the most with and have your SAT tutor go over those categories with you until you're feeling good, prepared and ready to take on the SAT.

The categories that you will study for your SAT test prep include:

The Full-Length SAT: These can be done online or on paper, whichever you prefer. This will give you a good grasp of the time it will take you to complete the SAT, the types of questions and show you which areas you're having difficulty with so you can study and get extra help with your SAT tutor.

SAT Math: This includes Algebra, advanced math, problem solving and data analysis and any other math topics that are tested on the SAT.

SAT Reading and Writing Prep: This includes reading, writing passages and writing grammar.

SAT Tips and Strategies: This is where you may benefit the most out of SAT tutoring. These are behind the scenes tips that you won't get without an SAT tutor. Remember, these guys are basically professional SAT takers, they know the ins and outs of the tests and the subjects and are available to teach you all they know and help you study and ace it!! Among the things they can help you study for:

* General SAT strategies
* About the SAT reading test
* SAT reading test strategies
* About the SAT writing and language test
* SAT writing and language test strategies
* About the SAT math test
* SAT math test strategies
* About the SAT essay
* Practice SAT essays
* SAT essay strategies
* How to prep for the SAT

SAT Subject Exams: Our tutors can help you excel on the SAT by going over the exam with you, offering you study guides and one-on-one tutoring in whatever SAT subject or the entire SAT.
* SAT English Literature
* SAT U.S. History
* SAT World History
* SAT Mathematics Level 1
* SAT Mathematics Level 2
* SAT Biology
* SAT Chemistry
* SAT Physics
For each subject SAT tutors will be able to give you a little bit of background, tell you what to expect and go over the basics of the subject as well as giving you problems to work out and help you with any questions and areas you're struggling.

We've already established that preparing for the SAT is the key to  a successful SAT test day..and score! So, your SAT tutor will give you some real-life tips for the questions and test portion, of course, but also some tips for test day.

Tips to Ace SAT Test:  Make sure you get a good night's sleep the night before, that can be hard because you'll probably be nervous, but try to not spend the night before studying too much and definitely not cramming. The goal is to already have spent months studying and have the information stored in your brain. The night before/morning of SAT test day are yours to relax. So, start with a good night's sleep and wake up feeling refreshed. Eat a good, healthy breakfast or maybe even treat yourself to your favorite breakfast, as long as it's not too heavy-- you don't want to be sleepy during the test! If you drink coffee, have a cup...but if you're not a coffee drinker, do not start now!! You don't want to try anything new on test day! Now that you're rested and fueled, it's time to head to the test site. Get there early so you can continue the relaxed, calm approach. Bring everything you need and set it out on your desk, now you are ready to tackle the SAT!

Tips to Successfully Study for the SAT:

Use Online Resources: An online SAT tutor can be beneficial in your preparation. They will walk you through the subjects and help you with any areas you're struggling. Online resources can also provide readings, interactive activities and explanations in addition to worksheets and practice tests.

Be the Teacher: It's a good idea to find a study buddy and bounce difficulties off one another. Take turns playing the teacher or the tutor. Teach your study buddy what you know about the subject and how to solve the problems. If you have nobody to teach to, it's time to use your imagination! Teach to the wall or a teddy bear, anything that will listen!! It's the act of teaching and explaining that will really help the subject stick.

Write it Down: Write down equations, definitions, formulas..whatever you're studying! The act of writing down what you're learning helps the information stick in your brain.

Take Breaks!!: Don't. Cram. By not cramming you'll allow yourself a relaxed SAT prep schedule. This way you can plan study breaks, time to walk away from the material, grab something to drink or a snack and allow the information to process. It's important to create a stick to your study schedule though, so don't let the breaks get out of hand!

When you meet with your SAT tutor, they will provide additional study tips for you and ways to ace the day!

There are different options for SAT tutors. Online tutors, one-on-one tutors, tutoring with a teacher or check your local community colleges, they often have SAT study groups.

Tutor Pace Offers Effective Test Preparation
College entrance exams and other important tests can often be stressful if a student is not adequately prepared. In addition to helping students excel in their classes, Tutor Pace also provides test preparation for AP and college entrance exams like the SAT and ACT.

Test Preparation Experience Tailored to Your Needs
Our one-on-one tutoring sessions offer an experience that cannot be found in group test preparation programs. Our subject-certified tutors focus on the needs of each individual student, creating a personalized experience. Every tailored online tutoring session aims to help the student learn the concepts rather than simply answer sample test questions.

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