Standard Measurement Chart

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Standard measurement chart is one of the most effective mechanisms for presenting data in a form meaningful to decision makers is chart. Through charts, the decision maker can often get an overall picture of the data the data and reach some useful conclusions merely by studying the graph. Converting data to charts can be creative and artful. Often the most difficult step in this process is to reduce important and sometimes expensive data to a chart that is both clear and concise One of the most important uses of charts in statistics to help the researcher determine the shape of the distribution.
Types of charts

Histogram is as type of vertical bar chart is used to depict a frequency distribution. A histogram is a useful tool for differentiating the frequencies of class intervals.
Pie chartis a circular depiction of data where the area of the whole pie represents 100% of the data being studied and slices represents a percentage breakdown of the sublevels. Pie charts show the relative magnitudes of parts to a whole.
They are widely used in business, particularly to depict such thing as budget categories, market share, and time and resource allocations. However, the use of pie charts is minimized in the sciences and technology because pie charts can lead to less accurate judgments than are possible with other types of graphs.

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