Scatter Plot Worksheets

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Definition: - A plot of paired observations is called a scatter plot.
Example: - Suppose we take a sample of seven households from a low- to moderate – income neighborhood and collect information on their incomes and food expenditure for the past month.
Incomes and food expenditures of seven households are given in the following table.

Income Food expenditure
35 9
49 15
21 7
39 11
15 5
28 8
25 9

In this table we have a pair of observations for each of the seven household. Each pair consists of one observation on income and a second on food expenditure. For example, the first household’s income for the past month was $3500 and its food expenditure was $900. By plotting all seven pairs of values, we obtain a Scatter plot.

Other example: - An auto manufacturing company wanted to investigate how the price of one of its car models depreciates with age. The researcher department at the company took a sample of eight cars of this model and collected the following information on the ages (in years) and prices (in hundreds of dollars) of these cars.
Age 8 3 6 9 2 5 6 3
Price 18 94 50 21 145 42 36 99

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