Line Plot

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The diagrammatic representation of the frequency of data along the number line is known as Line Plot. The line plot is best to use when we have to compare numbers less than 25. Thus the Line plot is just like the data tallied and then plotted on a number line. So the line plot is the simplest and quickest way to arrange the data. Sometimes the Line plot is also known as Dot plot. A line Plot uses X marks on top of the number line to indicate the frequencies. The X marks may get replaced with a dot or some image that is associated with the information set. Line Plots are helpful for the analysis of information. Employing the Line Plot, we can easily calculate the range, the mode as well as the median of the information.

Example 1: During an Essay class the students had to write a paper concerning their life. When they finished their papers, the

Professor counted the amount of pages that they had written. Use this line plot below to answer the questions.

i.              How many students wrote the essay that was precisely one page long?

ii.            Did more students write essays that were two pages long or five pages?

iii.            The largest amount of students wrote an essay exactly _____ page(s) long.


i.              8 students.

ii.            5 pages

iii.           4

Example 2: The line plot below shows the Science Score distribution of a class.

i)             How many students are in the Science class?

There are 27 students in the class.

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