Double Box and Whisker Plot

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We can define box and whisker plot is a pictorial representation of a five number summary. We know the box lies in between first quartile and third quartile. We know box and whisker plot is useful to learn how the data is spread. We know it’s easy to understand the graph. We have formulae to find the quartiles, those are

Example1: Peter and Emily surveying the time it takes the average employee to arrive at company from home. Some employees drive their own car and some of them came by cab. The collected data is

Use the double box and whisker plots to compare the times it takes for employees to arrive at company by car or by cab.

Solution: From the above table, we can write the following.

The number of cars arrives at company in 11 minutes

The range of car time = 17 – 8 = 9 minutes

The range of the cab time = 32 – 12 = 20time for the car is lesser than by car

Since the range for the driving

Since the range for the driving time for the car is smaller, it means the times to arrive by the car is less

spread out.

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