Define Scatter Plot

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Scatter plot is a graph that displays the relationship between any two sets of data. It gives a graphical representation of bivariate set of data in a plain. The data are the collection of points having values of two variables determining the position of x axis and y axis respectively. Scatter plot is as called scatter graph. In simple, Scatter plot is used to plot points in a graph in attempt to show how one variable is affected by the other.  They are also used to show nonlinear relationship between the variables.

For example this graph shows the relation between weight and height of a person.

 Example 1: Draw a scatter plot for the following data of different birds.

Wing (length)        340      360    410     280      380
Wing (beat rate)    3.5      3.2     2.3        4.2      2.9

Solution: Let us take wing length as x axis and wing beat rate as y axis

 From the table we can find the points (x, y)

 If x= 340 then y = 3.5

 So the point is (340, 3.5)

 Plot (340, 3.5) in graph.

 Likewise plot all the points in graph as shown below.

Example 2: Chose from the following

When making scatter plot, we should never _______
1.  Plot more y value for any x value,    2. Label the axes,   3. Connect the dots

Solution: Let us start discussion with first option

 For any x value we can have any number of y values.

 Then we can label the axes while drawing scatter graph.

 Last option is connecting the dots

 We should not connect all the dots by line in scatter plot.

 So, when making scatter plot, we should never connect the dots.

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