Having Trouble with Social Studies?

If Social Studies has got you scratching your head, meet with a live, online tutor for help with homework and test preparation.


Tutor Pace Helps You Excel in Your Understanding of Social Studies.

Social Studies refers to a wide range of subjects like History, Geography, Economics, Government, and more.  Tutor Pace offers online tutoring in the Social Studies subjects that form the core curriculum in elementary school, up to the primary required courses at the college undergraduate level.

Tutor Pace provides expert, one-on-one help from our online tutors in each subject, whether students are learning the basics or mastering more difficult concepts.We bring Social Studies courses to life, taking the concepts, dates, names, times and locations of the past and present and make them relevant to today. 

We also provide Social Studies tutoringfor homework, research papers, and test preparation. Tutor Pace’s online tutors offer round the clock, personalized support at the time and pace each student needs.

We offer personalized, online tutoring in:

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