What is the SAT Subject Test out of

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SAT test is of two types. SAT Reasoning test consists of 3 main sections: Critical Reading, Mathematics and Writing. SAT Subject test is the other test which consists of individual standardized tests in about 20 different subjects. In the Subject test, students have the opportunity to showcase their academic knowledge in a particular individual subject. These subject tests are of 1 hour duration and consist of multiple choice questions given with 5 answer choices. Students should pick the right answer from the given options. It is important to note that every question in SAT carries negative penalty for a wrong answer, and hence students should be very careful before randomly guessing any answers because that will immediately deduct points from the existing score.

SAT Subject test is given in subjects such as Literature, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Social Sciences etc. The tests are also given in foreign languages such as Japanese, French, Korean, and Spanish etc. Therefore it gives the students an opportunity to get good scores in the subject they are most confident it. Sometimes, most colleges and universities prefer students to take subject tests related to their desired major of study and hence it is also recommended for the students to contact the college officials to clearly know the admission requirements and their preferred subject tests. The scoring range for each individual test is 200-800 and students can take these tests to improve their academic credentials for admissions to universities in the United States.

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