What is SAT II Test

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SAT II tests, also known as SAT Subject tests are the tests given in specific individual subjects to gain admissions in colleges and universities in the United States. SAT II tests are standardized and recognized tests and the colleges or universities prefer the students to take them if they want to analyze the ability of the student in a specific subject. SAT II tests give the students an opportunity to prove their credentials in a particular subject and the test score can help a student to get enrolled in an appropriate program of study in a college or a university. SAT II tests are offered in about 20 different subjects like Mathematics, Literature, History, Social Sciences, and Physical Sciences etc. Students can also take the test in foreign languages such as Japanese, French, Chinese, and Italian etc.

SAT II tests are of 1 hour duration and the test paper consists of multiple choice questions related to the subject.  Students can take the test in a subject in which they feel most confident in. However, certain colleges and universities expect students to take the subject tests in few particular subjects only according to the field or program of study. Therefore, it is recommended for the students to verify the admission requirements from the college officials before choosing a specific subject test. In order to take the test, the fastest method is to register online on the official website of the College Board and students can pay the fee online through a valid credit card.

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