What Are Good SAT Scores

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For 2013 SAT test, the national average score is 1500. However, some colleges have set 1800 a good score to get in to a top college.The higher your SAT score, the more options you have available.

SAT test is the standardized test taken by high school students to continue further education in their desired colleges and universities in the United States. SAT is a very popular test and many colleges expect these scores along with the student’s admission application. The main purpose of the SAT test is to showcase the academic knowledge gained by the students until high school so that they are ready to continue their academics at college level. SAT exam consists of questions ranging from easy level to medium to difficult level and often students are worried about the test preparation so that they score well. Since SAT examines the logical and conceptual knowledge, therefore students must first learn and improve their basic knowledge on the respective subject so that they can handle the tricky questions as well.

To increase SAT scores, students should keep track of the time as time is a big constraint during the exam. Students are given very limited time to answer questions from each section. Hence it is recommended for students to practice at home so that they have an idea about managing time while answering questions. It is better to answer easy questions first and then difficult questions so that they have enough time to try the difficult ones. Multiple choice questions in SAT have negative penalty for wrong answers and hence to get a good score, students should not take the risk of guessing unknown answers. This simply deducts points from the already existing score.

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