Studying for the SAT

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Many students find the SAT exam very difficult and question themselves whether they can get a good score on it. It is true that SAT exam is little hard, but it should be remembered that the exam is designed for high school students only. So it is surely possible to get a very good score on SAT provided the student learns and prepares the concepts accordingly. The SAT test paper consists of 3 important sections: Critical Reading, Mathematics, and Writing. The main purpose of the SAT is to examine the student’s logical and conceptual knowledge. It is important to remember that little tricky concepts can be understood only if the student’s basic knowledge is strong. Therefore instead of practicing too many hard questions, it is beneficial if students first start learning from the basic topics.

In order to get a good score in the Reading section, students need to understand the proper usage of words in a sentence. This section contains sentence completion and passage based questions. For the reading comprehension questions, students must first understand the main idea of the author in the passage and should then answer the questions. In the Mathematics section, students are provided with the commonly used formulas during the exam but it is the student’s duty to learn how and when to use the formulas appropriately. In the Writing section, students must focus on their point of opinion on the given topic and should support their opinion accordingly to write a good meaningful essay.

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