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Getting a good score on the Writing portion of the SAT strengthens your overall score and shows you are able to create an argument and support it with evidence. Many students struggle to get the score they want, but achieving a high score doesn’t have to be difficult. Tutor Pace’s writing tutors can help you understand the proper way to structure your paper so the SAT readers give you a better score.

Our tutors have extensive experience guiding students toward success by teaching them to:


  •          Understand what the question is asking
  •          Create an argument that can be supported
  •          Choose the best evidence for your claim

Because writing is only part of this section, our SAT Writing tutors will also work with you to strengthen your grammar and avoid common syntax mistakes.We cover following topics in writing:

  •        Grammar
  •        Usage
  •        Sentences and sentence errors
  •        Essay

Personalized Writing Help

No two students are the same, so Tutor Pace offers one-on-one, individualized tutoring sessions. In a private meeting with your tutor, you will be able to work on the areas in which you need the most help without having to worry about time. Most of our plans offer unlimited access to all of our tutors, so you can get as much personalized attention as you need in order to master the concepts that will let you succeed.

No other online SAT Writing tutoring service can offer the value and quality of Tutor Pace. Unlock your potential and earn the score you deserve when you work with Tutor Pace’s team of certified tutors.

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