SAT Vocab

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SAT test paper consists of 3 important sections: Critical Reading, Mathematics and Writing. These sections measure the skills and knowledge attained by the student till high school. SAT is taken by high school students so that they get enrolled into colleges and universities in the United States. SAT test helps students to prepare taking college level academics so that they understand the lessons learnt in the college courses without any difficulty in reading and writing. SAT reading section consists of two sub sections where the first sub-section includes questions on sentence completion. The second sub-section consists of questions based on a reading passage. These two sub-sections examine the necessary skills required by the student to successfully read and understand any given course material.

In order to get good scores in the reading section, students must have good knowledge in English vocabulary. This is due to the reason that in the reading passages, it is very common to ask questions on the meaning of certain words. In those cases, the students are given multiple choice options among which the student must pick the right answer. SAT vocabulary questions are usually questions on giving the correct meaning of certain words used in the passage. To be able to answer vocabulary questions, students should practice daily knowing some new words from a good dictionary. It is obvious that there are many words, but it surely helps if students observe commonly given words in the previous test papers also and can learn the meaning of those words. 

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