SAT Subject Test

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SAT Subject tests are the popular standardized and recognized tests taken by high school students in order to gain admissions in the colleges and universities in the United States. There are about 20 subject tests available in different subjects like Mathematics, Physical Sciences, Social Sciences, English Writing, History, Foreign languages etc. SAT Subject tests are preferred by many colleges and universities because with the help of these scores they can analyze the level of knowledge the student has in that specific subject area. Students can generally take the test in a particular subject area in which the student is most confident. This makes the student give the best performance in that specific subject and those scores can be sent to the desired college or university. However in some cases, colleges prefer only certain specific subjects as their admission requirement and therefore students must take the test only in those subjects.

Hence it is recommended for the students to confirm this from the college or university officials about which test they prefer them to take. SAT Subject tests generally are of 1 hour duration and consist of multiple choice questions. There is negative penalty on wrong answers and therefore students have to be careful before guessing the answers. Since time is a constraint during the test, students should practice answering questions quickly and in order to save time, students can first try the easy ones and then try the difficult questions. To take the test, students can register online on the official website of the College Board.

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