SAT Study Tips

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SAT exam is often found challenging by the students. It is true that the exam is challenging as it’s designed such that it examines the student’s logical and conceptual knowledge to analyze whether the student is ready for the college level courses or not. However, good SAT scores can be achieved if the students follow the basic concepts and pay attention to little details in a question. SAT test paper consists of 3 important sections: Critical Reading, Mathematics and Writing. The Reading section consists of questions on sentence completion and questions on reading passages. A useful tip while taking this section is to first attempt sentence completion questions as they usually take less time. Then the students can focus on passage based questions as they involve more reading and understanding. 

While answering reading comprehension questions, students have to look for clues for the answers in the passage itself, and instead of going from one passage to another, it is better to stick with a passage until many questions are answered. The Mathematics section consists of multiple choice as well as grid-in questions. Students do not require memorizing the math formulas as commonly used formulas are provided in the test book itself. However it is important for the students to recognize those formulas and use them appropriately. In the Writing section, students must write a meaningful essay on the given topic and should avoid giving vague statements. To support their point of view, students should give well developed examples and must write the essay thoughtfully.

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