SAT Scores

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Scholastic Assessment Test, also popularly known as SAT is a standardized and recognized assessment test for high school students. Students who wish to study in colleges and universities after high school take SAT so that they get enrolled to start their college life in the United States. SAT test paper examines student’s knowledge and skills in 3 main sections: Critical Reading, Mathematics and Writing. The questions range from easy to medium to difficult level. The main purpose of this exam is to prepare students to take up college level courses and SAT scores are required by most colleges and universities as they can analyze the student’s academic knowledge. Some colleges prefer student’s scores in specific subjects and in those cases; students can take the SAT Subject tests. These subject tests examine the student’s level of knowledge in specific subjects only.

In SAT exam, there is negative penalty for giving wrong answers to the multiple choice questions. Therefore it is recommended for the students not to guess many answers as wrong answers simply deduct points from the existing score. After the test, SAT scores are provided to the student and the student’s respective high school nearly after 5 weeks of taking the test. During registration for the test, students can choose the option of getting the score reports online as well as getting the paper score report through mail. If a student does not have an online College Board account, then the student will receive the paper score report through mail.

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