SAT Preparations

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SAT is the exam taken by high school students to showcase their ability and academic knowledge to gain admissions in colleges and universities in the United States. SAT exam is considered one of the challenging tests because of its format and the limited time given to the students to answer the questions. SAT test paper majorly consist of multiple choice questions ranging from low to medium to high difficulty level, with negative penalty on wrong answers formultiple choice questions. SAT Reasoning test consists of 3 main sections: Critical Reading, Mathematics and Writing. The other type of SAT test is the SAT Subject test which is given in about 20 individual subjects, each of one-hour duration. An SAT Subject test, unlike the reasoning test is taken in different subject areas like History, Biology, Mathematics, Literature, Physics, and Foreign Languages etc.

Preparing for SAT is a process most high school students go over but it is important to realize that this test is conducted based on the academic level and standard of a high school student only. Hence it is not impossible for any student to achieve a top score as it only requires good amount of practice and good conceptual knowledge in a subject. Students should practice at home answering each question in less than a minute so that they get used to this format during the main test. By learning and improving the concepts learnt at school and by practicing SAT questions daily, it is possible for any student to achieve high scores.

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