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SAT II is a group of 20 standardized tests taken by high school students in 20 different subject areas. SAT II is also known as the SAT II Subject tests, where students take the tests in specific subjects of their choice. SAT I and SAT II differ from each other in various aspects as SAT I examines the ability of the student in general reading, writing and math skills. However, SAT II measures the academic knowledge of students in various specific subjects such as Mathematics, Sciences, Social Sciences, History, Foreign languages etc. High school students take these subject tests to gain admission in their desired colleges or universities.

Students can choose the subject they would like to get tested on depending on their knowledge in that subject. However, sometimes certain colleges and universities prefer students taking the subject test in few specific subjects only based on their requirement for admission criteria. Therefore, it is recommended for the students to first find out if there is any entrance requirement of the colleges only on particular subjects, so that the students can take only those subject tests. An SAT II subject test consists of multiple choice questions and students must choose the right answer from the given set of options. Students should be careful while answering questions because there is negative penalty for wrong answers. Therefore it is better for the student not guess many questions cause if they are wrong, then the points will be deducted from the already existing score.

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