SAT for The Exam

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SAT Exam is taken by students all over the world to get into colleges and universities in the United States. SAT exam is usually taken by high school sophomores, juniors and seniors and this exam consists of 3 main sections: Critical reading, Mathematics and Writing. These 3 sections contain sub sections as well and they examine the student’s logical and interpretation skills. In the Critical reading section, students are given multiple choice questions related to the given passage. The questions are generally related to the vocabulary, sentence structure, clauses, tone of voice of the author, organization of the ideas etc. Students can get good scores in this section if they improve their grammar and rhetoric skills. The main purpose of this section is to analyze the student’s reading and interpretation skills.

The SAT Mathematics section is sub-divided into 3 sections which majorly contain multiple choice questions as well as few grid-in questions. The multiple choice questions have negative penalty and hence students must be sure of their answer before confirming it. A wrong answer can deduce points from the existing score and hence for absolutely unknown questions, it is better not to answer them instead of guessing a wrong answer. The Writing section in SAT exam consists of multiple choice questions along with an essay question, and the multiple choice questions test the student in error identification in sentences or paragraphs. For the essay question, the students are supposed to write a meaningful essay on the given topic or the issue.

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