SAT Critical Reading

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The Critical Reading portion of the SAT tests students on their ability to understand the meaning and intention of a written passage. Through a combination of extended reasoning, literal comprehension, and vocabulary in context sections, the SAT assesses a student’s proficiency in higher-level reading tasks.

Tutor Pace has helped students just like you prepare for the Critical Reading section. Each of our tutors knows the types of questions that are asked on the SAT, and they work with you until you are able to quickly and easily assess the meaning and importance of a text. Our tutors covers the following:

  •        Vocabulary
  •        Critical reading and sentence-level reading
  •        Extended reasoning

Critical Reading Help When You Need it Most

Most other SAT preparation services limit your time with your tutor. Tutor Pace’s SAT Critical Reading tutors are available 24/7 to help you get ready for the test. This means you can study when you want to, whether that time is in the middle of the day or long into the night.

Because most of our plans offer unlimited access to certified tutors, there’s nothing holding you back from success. Tutor Pace is committed to making sure you are confident and ready when you sit down to take your test, so we offer unlimited help from expert tutors the moment you need it.

If reading isn’t one of your strengths, or if you just need to bolster your skills for a higher score, Tutor Pace can help you improve your skills. Our online Critical Reading tutors will give you the edge you need to earn the scores you want.

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