SAT College Test

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SAT is an abbreviation of Scholastic Assessment Test taken by high school students to gain admissions in colleges and universities in the United States. SAT College test is the exam popular among all colleges and universities and most colleges prefer SAT scores to analyze the student’s academic capability. SAT Reasoning test is the general SAT test which consists of 3 main sections: Critical Reading, Mathematics and Writing. However, some colleges also prefer specific subject scores to check the student’s credentials in that particular subject. For those students, SAT subject tests are available in 20 individual subjects and students can assess their performance in those particular subjects.

SAT examines the student’s logical and conceptual knowledge of the student in the various subjects. In the Critical reading test, students are given multiple choice questions on reading comprehension passages. With these passages, students are tested on vocabulary, sentence structure, punctuations etc. In the mathematics section, students are given multiple choice questions as well as grid-in questions. The topics on which they are tested are generally Algebra, Plane geometry, Coordinate geometry, Probability and Statistics etc. and the questions range from easy to medium to difficult level. In the Writing section, students are given multiple choice questions as well as an essay question. The multiple choice questions are based on error improvements such as sentence improvement, passage improvement, error identification etc. For the essay question, students must use proper sentences and good grammar so that they can write meaningful essay on the given topic or an issue.

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