SAT Chemistry

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Getting ready for the SAT Chemistry section can be difficult. It is one of the most broad subject tests, covering a wide range of Chemistry topics that can be hard to master. Tutor Pace’s expert online Chemistry tutors are experienced at helping high school students learn the concepts crucial to succeeding on the test.

Our tutors will teach you fundamental and advanced topics in:

  •          The structure of matter
  •          The states of matter
  •          Different reaction types
  •          Thermochemistry
  •          Stoichiometry
  •          Descriptive chemistry
  •          Equilibrium and reaction states
  •          Laboratory proficiency

Technological Tools to Help You Succeed

Our SAT Chemistry tutoring service uses a revolutionary advance in online learning to make studying for the test easier. Because creating complex formulas on the computer can be difficult, Tutor Pace’s interactive whiteboard allows for quick and easy selection from a pre-loaded list of formulas and the use of a built-in scientific calculator.

When preparing for the SAT Chemistry section, you don’t want any surprises on test day. Our tutors are up-to-date on the latest trends in SAT exam development and will make sure you are comfortable with any concepts or questions you may encounter.

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