SAT Biology

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If you plan on majoring in one of the sciences when you go to college, taking the SAT Biology test may help you get into your school of choice. Because of this, it is crucial for you to get a high score in order to bolster your chances of getting into your first choice.

Tutor Pace can be your ally in the fight for a better performance than you imagined. Our tutors are ready to help you study for the Biology-E and Biology-M tests. They can explain both ecological and molecular biology concepts in easy to understand language, and they will work with you on difficult problems until you are confident solving them.

Online SAT Biology Tutoring Made Easier

The foundation for our innovative educational process is our online classroom. The interactive online whiteboard allows students to interact with their tutor in live, one-on-one sessions. Students are able to write formulas, browse the internet for answers, and even chat with their tutors in a secure and simple venue.

Each of our tutors is certified to be an expert in their field, so they will have no problem preparing you for any question you might encounter on the test. They will cover:

  •          Cellular and molecular biology
  •          Ecology
  •          Genetics
  •          Organismal biology
  •          Evolution and diversity

When you need to prepare for the SAT Biology section, our online tutors give you the best value for your money. It’s just another way Tutor Pace is committed to helping you succeed in your academics and beyond.

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