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SAT, also known as Scholastic Assessment test is the test taken by high school students planning to studying in colleges and universities in the United States. SAT test examines students in 3 important sections: Critical Reading, Mathematics and Writing. The main purpose of SAT test is to analyze the logical and interpretation skills of a student. Students are tested in reading, writing and in math so that the students are ready to handle college level courses which include new topics related to their respective field of interest. Therefore, students must improve their learning skills and should practice basic concepts from every chapter so that they score well on the test.

To get a good score in the Critical reading section, students should work on their vocabulary skills and rhetoric skills. The usage of verbs, pronouns, adjectives in a sentence have to understood and should know the literary terms commonly used in a passage. Reading section analyzes the student’s ability to read and comprehend the given questions and hence students must first understand the main idea of the given passage. In the Mathematics section, there are sub-sections which include majorly multiple choice questions and few grid-in questions. To get good scores in this section, students must have good logical and conceptual knowledge of math topics and hence should regularly practice math questions. To score well in the Writing section, students should have good knowledge of grammar and therefore must use proper words and phrases to be able to write a good essay.

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