College Board Sat Subject Test

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SAT is a standardized and recognized test taken by high school sophomores, juniors, and seniors who wish to study in colleges and universities in the United States. SAT scores are usually sent along with the admission application to the colleges as it helps them recognize the academic knowledge of the student in the specific subject areas. Good SAT scores is surely one of the factors which increase the chances of easily getting accepted into a college as it reflects the understanding of the concepts learnt by the student. SAT test paper is divided into 3 subject tests: Critical Reading, Mathematics and Writing. These 3 sections majorly contain multiple choice questions and students have to pick the right answer from the given options.

The Critical reading section consists of multiple choice questions based on comprehension passages where the student is tested in vocabulary, sentence structures, fragments, organization of sentence ideas etc. The Mathematics section examines the knowledge of the student in the topics like Algebra, Geometry, Probability and Statistics etc. This section consists of multiple choice questions and few grid-in questions. Students have to be careful while answering multiple choice questions since it consists of negative penalty. Hence it’s recommended not to guess any answers on the multiple choice questions since a wrong answer can deduce points from the score. Similarly the Writing section consists of multiple choice questions and an essay question which examines the student’s knowledge in error identification or paragraph improvement concepts.

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