About the SAT Test

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SAT is an abbreviation of the Scholastic Assessment Test and is taken by high school students to gain admissions in colleges and universities in the United States. SAT test is owned by the College Board and is conducted many times a year. The main purpose of the test is to examine the student’s logical and conceptual knowledge in different areas and to analyze the ability of the student to handle college level courses. Therefore SAT gives an opportunity for the students to showcase their academic achievement and capability in different subject areas.

SAT Reasoning test paper consists of 3 main sections: Critical Reading, Mathematics and Writing. The Critical Reading section is of 70 minutes duration and consists of questions based on the given passages, sentence completion etc. This section tests the student in vocabulary, sentence organization, grammar and the ability to comprehend the given information appropriately. The Mathematics section is of 70 minutes duration containing majorly multiple choice questions and few grid-in questions. There is negative penalty on all the multiple choice questions, but not on grid-in questions. Scientific or graphing calculators are allowed only in the math section so that students can work on their calculations in the given period of time. The Writing section is of 60 minutes duration and consists of multiple choice questions and an essay. The multiple choice questions are based on error-identification, sentence improvement and paragraph improvement questions. Students are also required to write a meaningful essay presenting their opinion on the given topic or the issue.

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