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What is SAT?

The SAT is one of the most important piece of information colleges use to determine for students acceptance. Students with strong scores are more likely to be able to pick their choice of colleges. Thus it is extremely important that a student be well-prepared and confident to achieve the SAT score they need to get into their top choice of college.

What exactly is the SAT?

you may ask. The SAT is a four hour standardized test designed to measure a student's skill level and understanding of the following subjects: Critical Reading, Mathematics, and Writing. In order to be successful on the SAT, preparation is key. This is why Tutor Pace is your best option to be thoroughly prepared for the test.

Why Choose Tutor Pace?

Tutor Pace is your best choice for getting ready for the SAT because our online tutoring offers students an Individualized preparation, One-on-one, 24/7 tutoring for all SAT reasoning and subject tests.

What makes SAT tutoring unique?

Our online SAT tutoring is unique that our tutors are available at precisely the time of need, 24 hours a day. Each students works one-on-one with our tutors, benefitting from full attention of their dedicated SAT tutor. Students work with their tutors on a real time live whiteboard system which allows them to receive information and see examples from their tutor. Simultaneously, each student is engaged in a live video chat with the tutor. Together, our online classroom and live video interaction make our SAT tutoring services are the most effective available. Once student is registered and assigned a dedicated SAT tutor, the student may begin preparing for the SAT immediately. In order to tailor the tutoring sessions to be the most appropriate for each student, a diagnostic test may be administered to discern the student’s current comprehension. This test serves to determine potential development areas and allow for a fully adaptive approach.

SAT tutoring for 1:1 Support

Our full SAT tutoring sessions cover a broad range of topics and questions in order to fully prepare the student for taking the SAT. In addition to this, the students may log in to  their account at any time with specific questions or concerns that need targeted attention. In this way, our students have a readily available and multifaceted SAT prep and homework resource 24 hours a day.

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