Vocabulary Developments and Word Meaning

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Developing vocabulary helps to improve one’s reading comprehension and writing skill. Learning new words require understanding not only the literal meaning of the words studied but also the implied inferred/ connotative) meaning. Vocabulary development is an implement to retrieve the existing knowledge in one’s mind, to communicate ideas, to study and to acquire new concepts. Basically, developing vocabulary and learning word meaning are essential elements in comprehending what one reads and to be an academic success. To develop and understand vocabulary, words should be introduced in proper context and authentic situations so that it can relate to the knowledge and experience of the learner. Interactive word games are another tool to learn vocabulary and meaning. The learner should actively participate and interact with new words that are introduced in reading excerpts. Context clues such as definitions, synonyms, antonyms, inference and examples help to develop vocabulary and meaning. Additionally, using structural analysis by breaking the words into basic units like roots, prefix and suffix facilitate the learner to acquire vocabulary easily. Thus varieties of strategies are applied to improve and develop vocabulary learning.

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