Different Forms of Poetry

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Different cultures have created varieties of poetical forms and the term poetry form refers to the manner in which the poet has organized the content and structure of his work. Short narrative poems are called ballads consisting two or four lined stanza and a refrain after each stanza. Ballads are set to music and they usually deal with folklore or even topics of popular trends. Blank verse poems are written in iambic pentameter that tends to give a regular beat to the poem. Burlesque is a type of poetry that handles humorous as well as serious subjects. A short poem of five unrhymed lines is called a chinquapin but a two couplet comic verse with a particular rhyming scheme is known as clerihew. An Epic poem is a lengthy narrative describing the adventures of a hero. A sad and serious poem usually dealing with the death of a person is an elegy whereas odes are poems that praise a person, a place or even an object. Sonnets are poems containing 14 lines with a specific rhyme scheme ending in a couplet. For want of space, we have not discussed all the different t forms of poetry.

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