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Becoming a more proficient reader can help you succeed in every school subject and is an essential life skill. If your child needs help improving their reading skills, our tutors can bring them up to appropriate reading levels and help them get ahead. For most students, getting better with reading just takes extra work and practice. Tutor Pace has unlimited tutoring plans that will give your student the assistance they need to become a better reader.

Safe, Certified Reading Tutors

All of our tutors have been tested to make sure they have the skills necessary to help students succeed at reading. Each online tutor has passed a rigorous background check and personal information is never exchanged, so your child will remain safe.

Comprehensive Reading Help

Our tutors cover all of the important aspects of reading to give students a complete assistance program. Our online Reading tutors cover:
  • Phonics
  • High-frequency words
  • Reading comprehension
  • Improving reading fluency
  • Improvements are tracked and you receive a report each month showing your child’s progress. Tutor Pace’s Reading tutors can give your child an edge in school or help them catch up if they have fallen behind. In either situation, no other tutoring service provides the value of Tutor Pace.

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