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About PSAT

The PSAT is a standardized test that, similar to the SAT, is often used by colleges when reviewing applications. The purpose of the PSAT is to provide a snapshot of a prospective students academic standing. Thus a high PSAT score is a valuable tool when applying for college. Here at Tutor Pace students find the resources for successful PSAT preparation.


Why Choose TutorPace?

What makes PSAT tutoring Unique?

Tutor Pace offers high quality online PSAT tutoring and our students come away with the skills, confidence and ability to take the PSAT successfully. Through our direct one to one tutoring sessions, multifaceted approach, and round the clock availability our students have access to the most reliable and effective online PSAT tutoring available.
While our competitors may offer an interface similar to whiteboard, direct interaction with the tutor is often excluded and reduces effectiveness. Other online PSAT tutoring services offer online classrooms where more than one student is engaged with the tutor, this can leave individual needs of students unaddressed. We at Tutor Pace are dedicated to our students and determined to provide the most effective and successful PSAT tutoring services possible.

PSAT tutoring for 1:1 Support

Each of our students work one to one with a personal dedicated PSAT tutor. When engaged in a session the tutor and student work through our online whiteboard system that allows for an unencumbered exchange of information and visual aide. While working through this system the student is also utilizing headphones for audio chat with the tutor who walks the student through the examples and questions being demonstrated. This direct one to one interaction and approach makes for highly personalized and effective tutoring.
Our PSAT tutors are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This means our students have resources available to them at any time they may have need. In this way our students not only have access to effective full length tutoring sessions, they also have a reliable resource for specific PSAT preparation questions that need highly focused attention.
While working with one of our PSAT tutors each of our students is offered a customized approach that targets trouble areas and bolsters confidence in areas of mastery. Through direct one to one tutoring our students gain confidence and insight into what to expect on the test. Each student comes away from our personalized PSAT tutoring fully prepared and confident.

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