Online Tutoring for Colleges

Tutor Pace works together with U.S. colleges to provide supplemental tutoring services that offer individualized attention when and where students need it.

How It Work

Improve Student Learning and Retention at Your College

Live One-on-One Tutoring

Student connect one-on-one with our live tutor from anywhere, anytime on an interactive whiteboard.

Schedule a Session

Students can also prefer to schedule a session with their favorite tutor using the virtual learning center.

Online Writing Lab

Students can also submit their essays or papers using online writing lab to a tutor for individualized critique by tutor.

Included In Each Tutoring Program

Live, One-on-One session, Available 24*7. Powerful and Personalized Experience

Online Tutoring Program Built for Colleges

>By offering academic support through our online tutoring services, colleges can increase retention and graduation rates. Sign up for a monthly plan and start seeing positive results.


We Work with Colleges to Promote Excellence

We provide quality online tutoring that compliments the academic services already offered on college campuses. By pairing up with Tutor Pace, colleges can make off-hours online academic support available to all students for all major ...

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Increased completion And Retention Rates

When students fall behind in their classes, they begin to lose confidence in their academic abilities. Our certified tutors help students get their confidence back through personalized tutoring sessions that help make complex concepts easier ...

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Tutoring Available for More Students

Getting academic support can often be difficult for students taking online courses and adult learners with full-time jobs. Tutor Pace helps colleges reach more students by providing 24/7 online tutoring that fits any schedule. ...

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Our School Partner

10 hours per month of live online math tutoring with a world-class tutor.

Our Personalized Program Coordinators coordinate with the student’s schools or districts to complete a detailed analysis based on the student’s PET (Professional Education Test) score, parent’s feedback, and the TAKS/STAAR scores provided by the districts in order to create a Structured Learning Plan (SLP) for each student....

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