What is Pre Algebra

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It deals with the concept of variables, Equations and Polynomials.
Inequality: It is used for comparing two expressions. <, ≤, >, ≥
Like terms: The terms which have same variable and rose to the same power.
Polynomial: It contains a group of terms with variables and whole number exponents.
  1. Solving for unknown variable
    Example: x +5 = 3 (solve for x)
    x = -2
  2. Arithmetic operations on variables
    Example: 2x + y = 4x -5 (write y in terms of x)
    y = 2x - 5
  3. Order of operations: PEMDAS rule
  4. Linear equations
  5. Slope intercepts form
    y = mx + b
  6. Polynomials
    • Quadratic equations
    • Factoring of polynomial equations

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