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When variables start flying at you in equations, it can be easy to get overwhelmed by unfamiliar concepts. If this causes you to get behind in your studies or homework, catching up might seem impossible. Tutor Pace has online tutors ready to help you 24/7 when you run into a problem with your Pre-Algebra.

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Our virtual classroom represents a breakthrough in online learning. The interactive whiteboard makes it easy to create and solve formulas, even ones involving graphing and fractions. You can even chat or share an audio call with your tutor for greater interaction and learning.

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One of the benefits of Tutor Pace’s online Pre-Algebra tutoring is having personalized help that addresses your individual struggles. Our tutors can help you:
  • Complete homework assignments
  • Verify answers
  • Prepare for your next exam
  • Explore remedial or advanced concepts
  • Score higher on homework assignments and tests

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If you work with a tutor who understands how to explain your Pre-Algebra work in a way that helps you learn more, you can choose to make them a favorite. Work with them whenever they are available, or be put in line to work with them once they are finished working with another student.

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