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About PAP

Pre-AP (Advanced Placement) classes are advanced curriculum courses taken in middle school. Though they are not high school level courses, they are rigorous and designed to prepare middle school students for AP courses in high school. For a student to take Pre-AP classes is to give that student valuable tools and experience preparing them for a future in college as well as cultivating strong scholastic approaches prior to.

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Our Pre-AP tutoring program is unique in that our tutors focus each of the tutoring sessions around the specific Pre-AP course the student is taking as well as his or her unique learning style. Our Pre-AP tutors are highly skilled and experienced in the pertinent subject matter and grade level of the student. This give our students access to a reliable resource to which they can turn with specific questions as well as general Pre-Ap tutoring whenever they have need.

PAP tutoring for 1:1 Support

Our Pre-AP support offers a direct one to one interaction that enables our tutors to offer the most effective services possible. By utilizing our multiple online formats our Pre-Ap tutors are able to customize each tutoring session to both the learning style of the student as well as the specific issue(s) being addressed. By working one on one with the tutor our students build a foundation from which they can jump into their Pre-AP course work with confidence. Our Pre-AP students are given the tools they need to succeed in their course work. They build confidence and a strong knowledge base that can give them an edge in their future scholastic endeavors. Through our direct one to one Pre-AP tutoring services our students are able to meet the demands of their studies with skill. Pre-AP course completed our students are able to move on to high school and full AP courses without doubt or hesitation. Our Pre-Ap tutoring services are a valuable tool for any student who hopes to go to college.

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