What is Organic Chemistry

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Organic Chemistry is the “Chemistry of Carbon and its compounds”. The elements that are seen in “organic compounds” are C, H, O, N, S, P etc., as for example C6H12O6, CH3CHO, C2H5OH, CH3NH2 e etc.,.
  • The compounds of carbon are practically uncountable.
  • Carbon has the power of catenation, i.e., it can form chains of carbon atoms combined with other elements.
  • The fundamental laws of chemistry are obeyed by organic compounds.
Sources of Organic Compounds:
  • All organic compounds are obtained from natural sources and can be synthesized in laboratory.
Importance of Organic Chemistry:
  • We, ourselves are built up of thousands of organic compounds.
  • Food clothes, cosmetics, leather, woolen products, paper, rubber, medicines, plastics, alcohol, explosives and petroleum are all organic compounds.

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