Vivid Verbs List

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Verbs are the words which define the action in the sentence such as walking, singing, dancing, talking, eating and may more. Vivid verbs are the word which are more interesting and engaging that the commonly used verbs. Vivid verbs hold the same meaning to their common verbs. Mention here are some examples of vivid verbs in different sentences

Abandon (Sentence: The puppy was abandoned on the middle of the street.)

Act (Sentence: Serena try to act wise every time she faces some difficulty.)

Add (Sentence: What you are saying only adds to their problems.)

Admire (Sentence: I admire flowers in a garden.)

Admit (Sentence: Lisa admits she likes to play in water.)

Amuse (Sentence: Beautiful mountain views amuse me.)

Bind (Sentence: Friendship binds two different kinds of people.)

Boosts (Sentence: Good makes boosts every students confidence.)

Blink (Sentence: The dust in my eye makes me blink.)

Burn (Sentence: The paper was burned by the candle flame.)

Blend (Sentence: The dishes at the birthday party blend well with the theme.)

Chase (Sentence: She was chased by the dog in the park.)

Cheer (Sentence: The morning sun cheers me every day I wake up.)

Calculate (Sentence: Ben calculates his marks for each test and tries to work harder the next time.)

Cross (Sentence: It’s difficult to cross a busy road.)

Disagree (Sentence: Jane disagrees with her brother about the field trip.)

Greet (Sentence: Sam greets her teacher daily before the class starts.)

Handle (Sentence: Chef can handle cooking for large crew very well.)

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